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About my sims-related activity: I’m not very patient and cannot stick to one project so my updates won’t be often but may be massive (quantity per day); I prefer playing male sims (I’m sure you can make your conclusions; I like to recreate real(or invented) buildings and characters;

And finally, I love to make friends! Don’t be shy to invite me to your blog! (Especially if you share tutorials on how to make custom content )

четверг, 10 января 2013 г.


It's offisial. Moving to Tumblr .

пятница, 30 марта 2012 г.

Kim Jaejung Sim

Here we go! ...at last!
More shots and info here.
Tattoos can be found here

IMPORTANT UPD: silly me forgot about sliders... I'm sure most of you already have them, but it's better to be on the safe side.

Sliders you need for him to look exactly like on pictures:
(don't know what with her blog now, so if you won't be able to dl this slider live a comment and I'll send it to you)

And I also use NRaas' Master Controller which makes the range of sliders more than 200 and not only ;) 

Kim Jaejung Tattoo + tutorial

This is more a memo for me than a tutorial, but maybe some of you will find it helpful.
Most of the time making a new character for my Sims 3 playing I found myself in need of some necessary details to finish the desired image. Be it some accessory or tattoo or birth mark, etc., these details are tiny and for some characters they can be omitted but for some not, for example, Abarai Renji (Bleach) and his brand mark tattoo.
To make a custom body tattoo as an accessory is really easy and most of the time very fast process. So let’s begin!


To clear one's soul...

It is my new sim (will upload him in a bit) Kim Jaejung, also known as Hero, ex-member of DBSK (or Tohoshinki in Japan), current member of JYJ.
These guys are terrific, really! And the fact that I understand neither Japanese nor Korean does not keep me from enjoying their gorgeous music )))
Sorry I need to blubber a little - I'm just too excited, 'cause Jae is so handsome-pretty-beautiful that I can't my eyes of him )))
*yea, silly girl I know*

Inspired by this photoshot.
ImageBam image uploadImageBam image uploadImageBam image uploadImageBam image upload
Sim - skin, eyes, eyelashes, eyebags, hair (EA), tattoo (mine)
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