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пятница, 30 марта 2012 г.

To clear one's soul...

It is my new sim (will upload him in a bit) Kim Jaejung, also known as Hero, ex-member of DBSK (or Tohoshinki in Japan), current member of JYJ.
These guys are terrific, really! And the fact that I understand neither Japanese nor Korean does not keep me from enjoying their gorgeous music )))
Sorry I need to blubber a little - I'm just too excited, 'cause Jae is so handsome-pretty-beautiful that I can't my eyes of him )))
*yea, silly girl I know*

Inspired by this photoshot.
ImageBam image uploadImageBam image uploadImageBam image uploadImageBam image upload
Sim - skin, eyes, eyelashes, eyebags, hair (EA), tattoo (mine)

5 коммент.:

Анонимный комментирует...

Amazing pictures.

konstanze комментирует...

also, he sings gorgeous... http://cfile2.uf.tistory.com/media/191758164CBEC6FB87A7B8

Albiorix комментирует...

Michelle B, thank you! The prototype is still more amazing ))

Albiorix комментирует...

konstanze, yes! My heart is doing this crazy thing in my ribcage now - his voice is just too entrancing... thanks for the vid!

Liu Xii Wu ❤ комментирует...

Oh my Jaesus! (*///*) I freaked out after seeing this! THIS IS THE BEST! I love you muaaah!

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