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пятница, 30 марта 2012 г.

Kim Jaejung Tattoo + tutorial

This is more a memo for me than a tutorial, but maybe some of you will find it helpful.
Most of the time making a new character for my Sims 3 playing I found myself in need of some necessary details to finish the desired image. Be it some accessory or tattoo or birth mark, etc., these details are tiny and for some characters they can be omitted but for some not, for example, Abarai Renji (Bleach) and his brand mark tattoo.
To make a custom body tattoo as an accessory is really easy and most of the time very fast process. So let’s begin!


- Photoshop + DDS plugins
1. Open Skin Specular in Photoshop (pic 1)

Tip: You can extract necessary skin specular with help of CTU.
Open the tool, find the CAS part (socks or gloves certainly have clear specular), then choose Designs>Textures tab and click “add new design>Add New Blank”.
Presto! On the bottom you now see ‘Skin Detail – Skin Specular’, just click the numeric name once and press Find>Export.
2. Draw your tattoo design in grey/black scale (128, 128,128 – grey/neutral is used for the background, your design should be a tad darker,  the darker color the less transparent the final thing) on a new layer.ar in Photoshop (pic 1)
3.Inverse to white and copy to alpha channel (Ctrl+I > Ctrl+A > Ctrl+C > Ctrl+V).
4. Now you may flatten the image and make it neutral grey.
5. Save in DDS format – DXT5 interpolated alpha 

6. Open CTU and find a CAS part (Adult-Male-Accessory-Socks)

7. First of all on the tab Meshes give your CC a new name and click Commit. 
8.Now open tab Design and add a new blank one to your mash. 
9. Then you need to replace only Base Texture with your design, and Clothing Specular with dark grey one (note! This one must be without alpha channel)
10. Save as… and you can close CTU now or leave it for now and go to the game to check your new tattoo out and make a custom thumbnail, like this one:

PNG 256x256
11. Return to opened CTU, tab Thumbnail, check ‘Use Custom Thumbnail’ and choose your pic. Now Save and we are finally done =)

Here my nice, simple, re-colorable tattoo for my new real-sim-person Kim Jaejung.

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Анонимный комментирует...

This is so great, thank you for sharing. I love them.

Albiorix комментирует...

Michelle B, you are welcome!

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